Our History

It started with one big idea. Industry Sales Inc. first opened it’s doors as a two-person operation in 1965, later becoming ISI Commercial Refrigeration. Since then, we have grown into one of the largest restaurant equipment distributors, repair, and commercial kitchen design professionals in the Southwest! With a team of more than 160 dedicated experienced professionals, we have built our business one satisfied customer at a time. By providing precisely what they need every time, we’ve continued to earn their trust and their continued business. We are not just searching for clients; we are here to be your partner in success! Our original commitment to offering quality products and high service levels remains as the hallmark of our business. We understand both the pressure and competitive nature of the industry, and direct our efforts to providing the right equipment at the right price, when and where our customers require it. Our range of product offerings and services continues to expand, and we now offer a full spectrum of commercial foodservice equipment, in addition to our extensive service and parts capabilities. From an individual piece of equipment, to a complete, turn-key installation, we are prepared to provide the level of professional expertise that we have acquired over our 50 year history.

1965 Industry Sales Inc (ISI) was founded as a sales, service, and leasing company for commercial ice machines utilized in the foodservice industry.

1970 ISI becomes the exclusive distributor for Manitowoc and Ice-O-Matic Ice Systems, Booth Soda Fountain Equipment and Tepco Commercial and Industrial Smoke Purification Equipment. Commercial ice machines were a nuance at this time most establishments receive their ice from ice plants that delivered ice in forty pound (40 lb) bags to their locations. Ice machines were very unreliable and not many people wanted to own them, which led to ISI’s leasing opportunity.

Fall 1970 Dallas passes wet-dry elections permitting the sale of mixed beverages in a defined northern portion of Dallas County. Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, began a huge expansion and ISI is perfectly positioned.

1971 ISI moves from 4000 sq ft. office facility at 308 S. Walton St. (east of downtown Dallas) to a 15,000 sq. ft. office / warehouse at 2528 S. Oakland Ave (now called Malcom X Blvd) south of downtown Dallas. ISI expands product lines to include all types of refrigeration equipment necessary in food service facilities, including walk-in coolers & freezers, draft beer dispensers, refrigerators, freezers, liquor & soda dispensers, margarita machines, and associated equipment to formulate a complete package concept. Beer Distributors to this day are not allowed to furnish equipment to dispense their product. ISI initially become a major supplier working with Budweiser, Coors and Miller furnishing dispensers and coolers for draft beer. Cornering the refrigeration market utilizing the package concept offering sales, service and leasing faired well for ISI.

1973 Both ISI partners individually purchased Interstate Distributors Inc. (ID), which was an exclusive Frigidaire (subsidiary of G.M.) commercial ice machine distributorship for the entire states of New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and parts of Alabama. With this acquisition we now control three of the five ice machine distributorships in the Southwest & Southeast.

1982 ISI & ID move to the 9136 Viscount Row, Dallas TX a 40,000 sq ft. facility.

1985 Frigidaire discontinues commercial ice machines. ISI becomes the exclusive Scotsman distributor for North Texas and relinquishes the Manitowoc & Ico-O-Matic line. ID becomes the wholesaler and ISI the retailer.

Fall 1985 Both ISI partners individually purchase Scotsman – Norwood Inc. with offices in Houston and Beaumont that function as a Scotsman distributor with additional product line similar to ISI as a sales, service and leasing company. Houston and Beaumont, now go to a market as separate companies.

Early 1986 Both ISI partners individually purchase Wheat Rental Inc., with offices in Abilene, Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas. Wheat Rental specialized in leasing ice machines to multiple machine users with work crews, such as railroads, telephone & utility companies and state and municipal operations throughout the southeast & southwest U.S. Wheat Rental offices are consolidated into ISI & ID Houston locations and maintains the Abilene office.

1986 The following companies are now part of the operation:

Industry Sales Inc. (ISI) Dallas
Interstate Distributors Inc. (ID) Dallas
Interstate Distributors Inc. (ID) Houston
Interstate Distributors Inc. (ID) Beaumont
Wheat Rental Inc. Dallas, Houston, Abilene

1990 All companies are consolidated to be known as ISI Commercial Refrigeration, Inc.

1993 ISI is sold to Corporate Acquisitions Inc., and reinvests in the acquiring company while maintaining consistent leadership.

2001 Arbor Private Investment Company acquires ISI Commercial Refrigeration, Inc.

2004 Marty Monnat joins ISI as president and Eric Hohn retires.

2005 Arbor P.I.C sells ISI to Strategic Equipment and Supply Corporation.

2013 Strategic Equipment and Supply Co. & ISI Commercial Refrigeration are acquired by Trimark USA.